News Alerts & Announcements

01/12/2018: The AAVLD Committee granted the Pennsylvania Animal Diagnostic Laboratory System full accreditation through December 31, 2022.

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09/15/2015: The Penn State Extension provides information about the Avian Influenza and guidance in biosecurity measures.

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03/27/2015: The USDA provides biosecurity recommendations to protect poultry flocks from avian influenza.

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03/27/2015: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture provides guidance regarding avian influenza.

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PVL Clients : Construction Notification (June 24, 2019—November 22, 2019)

  • The ramp from I-81 Southbound to Cameron Street [SR 22] will be detoured for repairs.
  • The primary detour route will direct traffic from I-81 South to Exit 65 [SR 15] and return it to I-81 North.
  • Traffic will then return to Exit 67 then to SR 22 East.
  • The secondary detour will utilize SR 22 West to SR 39 exit and return to SR 22 East.
  • The detour will be in place approximately 139 days and removed by the end of November, 2019.

Immediate Fee Increases

Due to sudden and unforeseen restrictions imposed by rendering plants on the acceptance of barbiturate-euthanized animals, costs of body disposal at PADLS New Bolton Center (NBC) have markedly increased, necessitating immediate fee increases. Beginning August 1, 2019, PADLS disposal fees for all carcasses will be implemented as follows:

  • $10 for less than 25 pounds
  • $21 for 26 to 250 pounds
  • $42 for greater than 250 Pounds

Disposal fees are also subject to separate site specific fees or additional contract charges. Please call the lab you are submitting to with any specific questions.